Sunday, October 11, 2009

Survival, even preparing for it is very time consuming.

Not so much preparing for the grand disaster or 2012 even.

I stated the financial poop hit the blades and we hadn't seen the end of it. I was right. In Feburary Maldorf's ponzi scheme started to have a ripple effect. Yep the money he stole was money on paper others were investing. Now that means some startup lost funding and some people are going to suffer. All because the repubs allowed some good and sound legislation be overturned in 1999 to allow some securities funding methods that had previously proven unsound in the late '20s. So now my contract work is diminished and may even go away because DasGov pissed in the pie in a direct traceable way. Their health, their insurance and their standard of life is not being risked. Damn them all both spineless dems and the anything to look good repubs.

Funding and real property must be based on reality not wishes or Wall Street gambling addicts. Those pikers will bet on anything that will make 1 cent on the dollar using anyones money.

Oh and 2012, If we have a meltdown then my money is the epicenter is the multitudes of fundamentalist religious right be they Muslims or or the fundi Christians or the dozens of other "we are the only true believers". After all history has already seen what havoc they can bestow.

Those that try to cheat the public with shoddy goods and services take a hint too.

Anyhow assets are fire walled, we call that yankee thrift. Several new connections for continuance of adequate income are in the works. Skills are being refreshed and new ones added.

When I said keep your powder dry it wasn't the words of a gun nut. I was speaking to preparedness as well. But, it's going to be more than a bit before the fat lady sings.


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