Monday, February 4, 2008

Oh joy whitespace.. just gotta fill it with noise.

First noise, sound of linksys router being used for small arms practice.
It's a pretty box but the first was a brick. The second was worth it
almost. Wait 56 minutes on their award winning help line for someone
to answer. Then 5 minutes telling first level that this is a hard case
and to kick it to second as I've been through the drill. Once we got him
and all the pleasentries like an email address. I'm glad used a spam dump
account, 20 minutes after that the new spam dump address got a spam..
humm " we keep it private" is not true. I hate being sired too. I
mentioned that to him as we were on the line for another hour plus as
the product shipped apparently without the router software installed!
Go through the fetch, download install process. After all that...

Spend 50 bucks on computer hardware,
Return it once as dead.
new one is lights on and nuttin happenin

Get the support guy in India to say "shit thats weird" .. that's priceless.

Success, but you have to ask about quality.

Hope that didn't cost him he really had to work for this one.


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