Thursday, July 22, 2010

silly season

Just watching the clouds. No energy for a rant so we wander the what if highway, randomly.

Observationally there has been insanity idiocy or was it stupidity, I always have to check to see which applies.

Lessee, insane is doing things repeatedly hoping for a different result. Idiocy the process of exercising a loss of intelligence. Stupid ignoring all possible education and input.

I see the, I wants, you can't haves, oh and the really wild if either of you get we all gonna mess it ups. What a septic porridge of wacks, bad intentions and fervent believers.

When you try to take the sunspots, economy, unemployment, various natural disasters, random clots of crazed people and a Dasgov into account I think the Mayans missed the boat. It's clear 2012 is not the date. How is more a interesting question. As random feeling this world will go on. Not much to support that but inertia is what it is. It may be proven that humans are more durable as a species than the common roach. With survivial and reproductive instincts to match. Civilization or what may pass for it has a far more questionable lifespan. You can't be this randomly nutty and not hurt oneself and others. No doubt law will the first to go, it's edging away even now. I think thats the tipping point. Once law breaks it tends to collapse on itself like a gas giant. What suggests this is a severe and noticeable loss in the real of critical thinking. People believing as in putting true faith in nonfunctional methods and ideas that do not pass muster as theory never minding any form of practical or logical test. People done got stupid, some slid to insanity.

So I sit and ponder. Run and hide or just continue studying history repeating, ah gas again, history. For certain being around those bloombergian cities is unhealthy, when it all goes pop fizzle fart, they will be a epicenter of chaos extending a wave of insanity out to the cruising distance of most cars and trucks like a shock wave from a blast. Then comes anarchy and all the little princes and their serfdoms. Of course all those little princes will want to be king and the dark ages and crusades will begin again.

Me I'm pondering how much technology will survive. Keeping in mind that the techocenters will likely have been deserted or worse become part of the castles moat. It's clear those that can make even rudimentary tech will have a power of sorts. Maybe the techie sorts will be subculture of hidden powers the last true magicians. I can hear the laughter now for that one. Lets face it, how many can cook raw food over a burning log without injury? Ah skip that, how many can get the log burning? Toothaches and posion ivy will get a lot of those gone feral. But those that can exceed the basic needs of survival will have an edge. Maybe the other subculture will be the keepers of books, assuming after a generation people can even read. Come to think of it many don't now.

Yep. It's gonna be quite a show. Just watching the clouds making shapes as they drift in the wind.


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