Saturday, September 10, 2011

Freedom, i won't

That's from: And Then There Were None, Eric Frank Russel, worth a read.

It's an interesting tale of civility, responsibility and what freedom means.

With that as context, tomorrow is the 9/11/2011 and ten years after 9/11/2001. It's also about what we have become rather than how we dealt with an attack by terrorists on our soil.

In short we became sheep. We never did what was needed to continue our lives unhindered and free. If anything we went the other direction so that we not only fear the terrorists we fear our governments overhanded reactions. I do not support that.

Ten years ago tomorrow a lot of people died. We can't bring them back. We have for the most part extracted revenge and it tasted of sand. it was needed and may have bettered the world but it is joyless. Better to honor them and those that died saving others as that has a better taste and a longer history of good. How should we remember 9/11? Honor those that died, take care of the ill and wounded survivors.

From another time, Beware those that claim they have your best interests in mind for they are the problem.


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