Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day

Over the years I've pondered the day and its meaning to a lifelong civilian, me. I thought back to my dad and WWII.

 GI Joe, was inducted and served in the Army.

 Private Warrant Officers,
USA Selectees (Enlisted Men)

 His training included the Army basic down south in red mud country and he excelled as a Rifleman. I know that from the badge and the ladder under it.   From there he was part of of Clark's 5th Army in the Chemical Mortar Division. Hard to remember now what division but eighty something sticks in memory. I knew he was in North Africa likely after Rommel's demise, I knew that more so because he knew some french and told a favorite story about those crazy yanks eating the Arabs corn, seems that was only eaten by animals and never people there. He went to Italy visited all the big names including Monte Casino. never knew if he lobbed mortars, shot at things, or did paperwork as a corporal. I did see at one time samples of V-mail back home to mother. Quite the artist. Returned home and the only admitted casualty was malaria, but that never explained the second purple heart or the other metals including a small star. Nor did he.

 Why all that. As well as I knew pop, he never spoke of the war. To this day I do not know what he saw or did not see. He taught me to shoot a BB rifle the way the Army taught him but it was a one time, this is how to do it right, and he never touched it again. However reading history and other accounts being in country during the action meant he did see something and it was not the thing talked about. So what's the point.

 War sucks, we know that. War leaves other wounds, hidden wounds, we see people that suffer those outwardly too. What we do not see is those that went served, maybe left some part of themselves there and returned changed forever. I just don't know.

On this Memorial Day we talk of those that gave life, some are still giving a little every day. To those serving, I wish you safe and secure, those that served your stories are important as they are part who
we are.

 As usual I bid you heads down and powder dry, and a good meal.


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