Sunday, June 16, 2013

NSA data mining.

While for one second I do not believe those guys haven't lied more than a lot I do believe they did collect said metadata.  Likely their half truths of thwarting terrorist enterprise is bogus.

We do know since Hoover that internal data collection is the rule not the exception.  Files and lists all secret.


That information could also be used to solve the age old problem of the pisshats that subvert the do not call lists

Just this FOIA the data, check for sites that originate many calls to more than one number often twice and then compare the numbers called to any of the do not call registries. Find out who called and start issuing fines.    There are people that would call that a good thing.  Likely the Rethugs would have a bird fit.   The ensuing battle would be worth a seat.   After all the statists would want that control and the other would claim undue restraint on free enterprise.

Fun to speculate.

In the mean time keep stuff dry, cranium down, and check your six.


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Comrade Misfit said...

There are already cases in which defendants are subpoenaing DasGov for NSA data to help prove their innocence.