Sunday, July 14, 2013

Assholes, both of them...

two assholes meet on a path both bent on some ritual of respect.

Who won?

Certainly not Zimmerman.  How about Martin?  Neither of them.

It makes little sense to get on either side because it was race.  It was about to assholes that didn't have sense or maturity enough to back away.

So the strong younger attacks the older for some perceived diss, the older is a ball of flab with a gun.  So how does it end?   Either way its already bad and neither wanted to have it this way but both pursued the course they took.  In the end one or the other was going to get seriously hurt or dead,  and did.  Both had a chance to disengage neither didn't.

It might have been a knife, stone, or choking, maybe a cerebral hemorrhage.  Girls and boys it was about violence by and between both of them.  Next time you cut someone off and they flip you the finger, think about those two assholes.  Think hard about which one your playing.

The law only deals with questions of was it murder or some assault.  Facts seem to indicate that either way one of them, if death didn't happen, would likely have done time minimally for assault.

So yes I hold the most unpopular position.  The law is right.  One of two assholes lost the fight and the other will have vengeance applied because those that disagree have the same asshole violence thing going.

If you think either is right and your angry and thinking violence...  Remember you too can be in a fight and win or loose you are not going to like the result.  You had a chance to walk away and didn't.  It was never your fight.


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