Saturday, September 29, 2018

Senate heariings, or are they deaf?

Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.  M. Twain.

This week we watched sausage and we didn't like the idea.  It was highly irregular and high theatre.

It was not fun watching Graham and friends play the game from the other side.  Oh, what other side the side they too back about 2 years ago when Obama tried to fill a spot...  Games kids play and the shock and awe when of "I didn't do that" while being caught at it.

Well buckos... Karma, that is the cause and effects of life.  When Karma visits it is because you invited it there.

What I didn't see what the Rethugs doing what they didn't do.  If you did the FBI thing it likely would have come back "ok" and the whole thing would be over.  Because you didn't people are paying attention and it better be clean.  But now we drag it on.

I expect but can't endorse the end will be Kavanaugh (rhymes with, had enough) being installed.
I'd say I'd be pleased if he was not, as his position on a number of issues are meat of earlier postings and no secret unless your polarization goes that way.  After all he is the bought and paid for member of the local flavor of the radical fundies. 

So history rhymes, and we wait and weep.

Keep your head down, powder dry, and a full bag of shot.


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