Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Sad Comment on the State of This Nation

In trying to build up a community to write to this blog, the biggest item of resistance that I am encountering boils down to one thing: Fear that the Federal government will, one day, start coming after bloggers for exercising their right of free speech.

I've heard variations of that from three people so far, and they span the political spectrum from conservative to liberal. They aren't afraid (yet) of being disappeared into a black-box of a gulag. They fear that the Feds will pressure their employer or take direct action against their job or, in one case, cancel their work visa and deport them.

That is a sad commentary on where we have wound up as a nation after the last six years of this "Global War on Terror", that people are afraid to speak up. And, if you have read my solo blog, you know who I blame.


Ghost said...

Wait, this blog doesn't even contain anything inflammatory. Actually, it doesn't contain anything at all... or that's probably because I don't know how to use a computer properly.

But... isn't the Internet anonymous? Even if someone is afraid of their Blogger ID being tracked, or the domain, or the hosting, or any of that jazz... why not use a ghost writer?

You know, like they use a throw away, anonymous source to send you a post, and then you post it for them.

Comrade Misfit said...

That's a possibility, but that's just more work for me. There are web browsers that do a better job of hiding tracks, such as Off By One, than do the standard ones.

Ghost said...

Hey, don't tell me that, tell your friends that are afraid to post. =P about the Web browser that is. Anyway um... I can understand that. About the work, since you already have a blog.

And a pretty good one, at that...

Comrade Misfit said...

Ghost, thanks for the kind words about my other blog.

I'll probably keep this one in existence, but there seems to be a stunning lack of interest (or time) to post to it. I was hoping that if I got a group of people together who individually felt like posting only once a week or two,that's be enough for a functioning blog.

Doesn't seem to have worked out that way, so far.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear more about your interest in firearms. I'm a retired old fart with no military service but with a lifetime fondness for M1 Garands. Years ago the Navy rifle team from the Mayport (Fla) base put on a demo at the opening of a rifle range near my home town, and one member brought his personal Navy NM M1. It was black chromed, in a nice stock and about as sexy as a military weapon could be. I fell in lust.
It took me 42 years, but I now have a nice clone of that Navy match M1 in the correct 7.62 Nato.
I reload a bit and manage to shoot it several times a year. It is way better than me, but it trips my trigger each time I send some down range.
Do you have a favorite weapon or three?

Comrade Misfit said...


As I'm sure you're aware, the Navy modified Garands to 7.62 NATO. The original chambering was for .36-06.

And yes, I have one. :)

If you want to know about my interest in firearms, I've written about it ad nauseum on my other blog.

Phil said...

EB, you are one busy blogger!
I just now found this one by perusing my Blog stats, which I didn't know existed until last night.
At least I know how to add stuff to my Blogroll!

Eck! said...

Hey ghost,

I don't care about the supposed security issues. It's was a matter of not wanting a dedicated site that could be stale for long periods when I could care less to write. Here it has a chance to stay somewhat fresh.

Besides, the M1 needs the stock refinished. Sometimes you have to prioritize.