Sunday, March 2, 2008

tap tap tap... Testing ahh testing testing HElloooooooo echo echooo echooooooooooo.

Seems to work. It's random wazzzup day.

Anywho over the last few weeks das-gov shoots a errant mostly bored spysat down and all is forgotten. Not likely. I'm sure the other guys noted that. One wonders what the micro-evil empires are thinking of that? Me I wonder how much more orbiting space junk there is from that to muck up other Sats and maybe manned missions? Eck hopes all that trash falls down quickly.

On a different channel we have our well paid federal officials some even work. Getting them to do anything takes an act of dog or at least something they can gain recognition for toward their real job after retirement. It would seem writing their boss might work but then even he/she would have to do his or her job and well we have a paradox. The paradox is who will work, why and when. Someday or in the federal case some daze. They do seem in a daze.

All in all watching the government at work is sorta like observing the small head, every so often
it puffs up and gets all sorts of attention. In the end it's just a little thing.

Another moment of curious boredoom from



Comrade Misfit said...

Gug hasn't chimed in and as for Irina, she and I had a falling out, so I wouldn't look to her fto be writing much.

Yer kinda on yer own, Eck.

Eck! said...

I'll have fun with it...