Monday, July 26, 2010

Mine, mine, mine, all mine

Yep that says it all. But before you claim ownership one better make sure it's both theirs and unencumbered. I propose titles for copyright, if you claim copyright you have to prove you are the title holder if there is any dispute.

Seriously, monetizing information and news is old but in the day of networking if your selling you have to allow people to have a peek, point to, and also advertise, as you do want buyers. Fair use is a peek and attribution
forget the latter and it's not fair. So fair is fair sue me for fair use with attribution and you risk getting charged an equal amount for advertising your wares. After all attribution is direct free advertising. But there are the predatory sorts and well things like lists of who they are and all are easy to manage with computers. It's not hard to blockade sections of the Internet as it's already done and in common use. It's not illegal to do that as your walling yourself off from those that may be offensive. Technology is a very sharp two edged sword. So if you get rude and nasty be wary of your own errors, they could be used against you.

Then again if you are a predator you may end up paying for that information your claiming copyright on. Just think if your dependent on people sending pictures, sound bites of events and crimes they might get the idea you have money and start expecting payment for those freebies. Highest bidder, one with best payment record.

In the end there is the big fish, as in the fish eat plankton and get eaten by bigger fish, and bigger fish still. Somewhere out there is a fisherman with a big hook going for the trophy and he has the fighting chair, bait
and the special drinking buddies needed to make the catch. So Great White Shark, meet man.



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