Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years..

I will not forget.

I am no longer angry.

They should fear me.

They will never rent space in my head.

I will try to be prepared.

We must still be the nation of laws that existed on 9/10/2001

Today is the 9/11 and nine years later. I can't forget the horror, shock and dismay.

I was angry, but life has taught me anger is sometimes a poor motivator. However, I have resolved to be more alert, prepared and have put some deep thought on who is best able to protect me, and those around me. As a result I do not fear them as I will not go to them and play on their field and if they come to me I get to play on my field. On my field I make the rules, they are designed for me to win. Reminder, you (the vermin) "We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve" (Yamamoto) applies to you.

I prepare, not out of fear. I have learned that hurricanes, tornadoes, lightening, and inattentive drivers are a greater risk to my having a bad day. I prepare for those with an eye to the possibility of the unlikely. The vermin that made this day infamous I cannot prepare for as they did the unlikely though with far less than complete success.

For those that insist that we should be a nation of disarmed sheep overburdened with incomprehensible laws and nearly autonomous security agencies I say you have sold out to them. Them being those that want America to fail, collapse or die. They have no designs to invade, convert or change us. They only want anarchy so they can have it their way. To that I say stay over there, shoot each other up, live like vermin. Don't come here, we for the still shoot vermin. Hunting varmints is an American tradition too.

Message to the vermin. We are a free an open society. Open debate is encouraged. Do not let the few that are favorable to your case, belief or riotous cause give you cheer. It is only commentary and debate, and it can easily turn on you.

We still remain.



DrFaustroll said...

Indeed: Who says anarchy, says negation of government; who says negation of government says affirmation of the people; who says affirmation of the people, says individual liberty; who says individual liberty, says sovereignty of each; who says sovereignty of each, says equality; who says equality, says solidarity or fraternity; who says fraternity, says social order.

By contrast: who says government, says negation of the people; who says negation of the people, says affirmation of political authority; who says affirmation of political authority, says individual dependency; who says individual dependency, says class supremacy; who says class supremacy, says inequality; who says inequality, says antagonism; who says antagonism, says civil war; from which it follows that who says government, says civil war.

Yes, anarchy is order, whereas government is civil war.

Anselme Bellegarrigue, Anarchy is Order (1850) 58

Eck! said...

Err what?

Anarchy is still disorder.

People are government.

Order is law.

Anarchy is people and law gone feral.