Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fire, shoot. Ready?

There are a profusion of anti- gun bloggers that have commonality.

They hate guns. Their belief system is wrapped around a negative view of a machine.

They exhibit negative bias toward those that use/own them.

They will ignore facts where they conflict with any held belief.

They lie often, sometimes knowingly, more often as a result of steadfast adherence to mistaken beliefs.

First truth: Guns have no morality, they will perform their designated task of propelling a projectile at target, game, or human or any other object pointed at. The use of metal, plastic and wood imparts no intelligence and therefore no willfulness in the machine.

Second truth: Guns are mechanical devices,they must be pointed and the firing mechanism must be operated or they will do nothing on their own by design.

Third truth: When you pick up any firearm what follows is your responsibility, completely. It's use can make you a hunter, marksman, hero, or criminal and all are a choice.

Forth truth: Firearms are property like all property, homes, cars, or a can of gas. Taking any of those is theft. Lawful taking of those requires due diligence and due course.

Fifth truth: Laws punish criminals they do not prevent them. No law prevents that. Law is the tool used to punish those that willfully do not obey.

Sixth law: incorrectly crafted law can create criminals out of law abiding people, they can also make it easier for criminals to escape punishment. Bad law is an offense to those would obey and useless to those who must enforce.

Seventh law: Well meaning people are often no better than dictators and despots. See Fifth law. Also see the the law of unintended consequences.

Supreme law: The United States has a founding document and also The Constitution, our supreme law that identifies both citizens and governmental rights, responsibilities and controls. This is not a document to cherry pick which ones you like or not.


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