Saturday, January 1, 2011

I once read about the future..

We are now officially in the year 2011. So big deal!

When I was 10, computers were big and a big deal.

When I was 16, we put our feet on the moon. But we haven't since.

Now I'm approaching 58, I can put that computer in my pocket. We still aren't going to the moon or any damn where else.

We don't fly faster than we did in 1969 either.

Every possible idea I've read about in shiny science fiction pretty much hasn't happened. Well that not true. Seems all the dark things, maybe even dystopian ones are more like what we are looking at.

The flying cars, space travel they seem to be incrementally slow in coming. What was known then and forgotten now, or seemingly so, is to do this requires energy (besides that of oil). More correctly, cheap, clean and abundant energy so that even inefficient methods can work. Cheap energy is infrastructure. However what was sometimes missed in the SF world is energy is in our current world, the equivalent of money.

Nope, the future is not yet here, and it sucks. You want to read SF then that has a hint of now, read the short story anthologies, seems some of that is here.


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