Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ubuntu is lost...

I'm a linux user.  Winders with their gyrations long since alienated
me with If you want the new OS but anew system with enough
power to run it r it will suck and crash.

Ubuntu has wandered down that path.  the version 12.04 was its
entry to if your hardware isn't mumf your screwed.  The pain of
this is that many Linux users want to do things not spend they
days making money just to buy a better machine to continue
doing things that were happy the way they were.  The latest
is a new old IBM with a P4 CPU with 14.04 is now "insufficient".
Well that sucks.  Add to that they don't seem to want to support
32bits or older machines without PAE.  Welcome to the world of
WIN10 because its the same shit.

What prompted this is the gnawing level of feeping creaturism
where the latest update killed Chromium a favored browser by
trying to install the 64bit version.  Thankyou very much assholes.
The problem is no way to revert without much command line
action and hunting down an older archive somewhere.  OK, I'm
old school and command line is cool by me.  I didn't volunteer
to have to do this.   I see no reason to have a 4core, 3ghz, 64GB
ram  machine to do routine things or for that to simple hit web
pages that are even more old school.

So now I ponder getting off the Ubuntu circle train and looking
at derivitives like MINT or other Debian releases. 

Its a problem why?  Sometimes you need a stable system to do
basic things every day the same old way without all the cutsie
things.  So to prevent further damage I will edit the update files
so it can't foul something I consider both adequate and depend
on.  After all it worked yesterday why break it.

I'd post all this on the ubuntu boards but they can't even keep
Chrome and Chromium straight.  That and any question that
they don't like never appears.

So in short where the hell is the 12.04 LTS version support
besides broken.  If you promise x many years of support that
means keeping it going not breaking it.   While your at it maybe
hint that the next version will not be suitable for the current
hardware before burning install time and stop hounding for a
version update when its not possible.

I need powder and shot to fix this mess with holes for vents
to let out the smoke.


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Comrade Misfit said...

I have gotten over being astonished about companies and designers who can't resist the urge to fuck with working stuff.