Sunday, September 11, 2016

its been 15 years...

Its been 15 years and little good has become of it.

Many died on the day.  More were sickend and died working the pile.  For those we pray they found or will find peace.

But we became aware of the ever hostile and likely hateful in the world.  To that end we made more that know who to hate.  War is the way of treasure, not minds.

We spent like drunken sailors, did about as much good.  Like many of those the brig was then home lest till it passed.  The rest of us we have the authoritarians whats good for us and likely better for them.

In the end whose who might do like then will likely find the patience of the nation short and the wrath long.   We do forget, but when we remember its with great resolve.  Word to those out there
is to not make us remember, its likely to hurt, you.

In the end we are not more a government of bureaus with their micro-law rather than the larger nation of laws.  tar and feather just once might bring the bureaucrats back to remembering their neighbors.

So I believe in rust.    Whatever you do to treat it cover it or scrape it off it wins.  Its the killer as it works from inside where few look.  Rust always wins!  How do we fix rust, we remove the poisoned metal and replace it.  We do that as needed to keep the structure whole and sound.  Rust is also the analogy of corrosion of the soul or mind.  If you allow good ideas to become weak with that corrosion of weak thinking eventually rust wins. Like the metal form the corroded ideas and what they stand for have to be excised and replaced with new understanding.  Think critically, rust is the lazy way out and often just an other way of saying propaganda.   Listen to all, distill fro it the truth
from the jingoism and big lies, then go forth.

Pay attention, think about what you hear and see, ponder it for its truth if its there.  In the heat of battle one can miss the details that tell.


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