Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Age of idiocy

We have devolved to an age where stupidity is rewarded and idiocy is held up as a blessed event.

The tedious detail of the obvious having to be proved over and over again ad infinitum.
We evaluate things for truthiness as all lies are not equal and often only partial.
We listen to lies so grand they prove Gobbels postulates for propaganda.
We suffer willingly and unwillingly the liar in chief.

And based on words from all the self proclaimed  great people of this is a good thing
we are remaking America.

Bullshit!  Lies are still lies and it makes no different if they are convenient or in error.
Hiding the truth or calling it false is just another lie.

Our visible government is being reduced to liars and criminals that shade the truth and 
obfuscate their actions.   For those that believe those lies, I offer that warm feeling 
you have is not me pissing on your leg, its the rain.  

For those that consider what is being done is a christian act, your guilty of the worst sin,
that being inhospitable to others and as likely your own self.  For you would destroy 
your own as proof of your weakness.

In the end no matter what the lies and all that goes with them are at a cost.  If you 
don't believe that, time will not be your friend as it will punish you, as well as those 
you believed should be. 

In the end I feel the rethugs would be taken out behind the woodshed and whipped 
with a Willow switch until they stop whimpering.   Then allowed to contemplate 
their navel.  Those that simply support them by doing nothing should be made 
to watch.  Guilt by inaction has a price as well.

This is not about big gov or small or nanny gov is is the concept of honest and 
verifiable governing.   This we clearly do not have.

To those I think this says it all.   Someone or something should offer mercy on 
your soul for it is already dead and completely without honor.

For the rest keep your powder dry and keep you head down.


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