Sunday, December 8, 2019

Message to dumbshit Scammers

If you send me your gag post of "we know your password" and display one from somewhere
around the first yahoo break in, dumbass its gotten a bit old and very stale. and the password is older and long since gone to the old useless passwords Valhalla.  You are not even creative.

Some of the lines are priceless...  such as we saw you doing the right hand boogaloo by turning
your camera on.  Good trick champ this desktop is super tricked out, no camera, or a microphone either. Did it every occur that the target is not a man?  Dumbass.

We caught you at some pornsite we bugged.  Seriously?  I have no words for that level of stupidity
on your part.  Start with if you bug those buggers for real they will likely hunt your sorry butt.

Then of course,the "We put a pixel in the mail to tell us when you read it" I think you have no idea how web bugs work.   Or how system filters on non-winders systems.  Its just sad man.

I think the best one was the guy that did the deed on his Apple recently, HI!  Oh how do I know?
Seems the Mime encoded shit containing the misspelled text has a system signature.   pwnd!

Anyhow despite that level of stupidity your message was nearly unreadable due to your extremely poor English.  I ignore lazy idiots.

So for our readers all, we have these bumbling fools running scams and think you are as foolish and dumb as they are.  Please do not fall for it.

So to those scammers... Bless your little hearts.  Look that up in the urban dictionary.

As always keep the powder dry and your head down.


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