Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Big Lie

While touring the web I come to witness a perfect example of The Big Lie. Seem the rapacious religious right has no moral qualms about the use of hyperbole or out right Lies.

Tolerance is not negotiable. Bullies are not good, right or even moral. Bullies abusing anyone be they, geeks, gay, nerd, poor, shy, or whatever should have no place to hide. They are about power and control, they live for fear induced in others. They are criminals. Those that suggest not squelching those activities are criminals as are those the "look the other way".

Bottom line, schools should be safe and promote education, not hives of petty criminals
maintaining their domains like prisons.



tom said...

Funny thing about being bullied by the kids I grew up with in Catholic school, it made me a man with extra ammounts of compassion ...yes it made me a life long Democrat activist
compassion, caring, and truthiness
so it worked out ok for me..

Eck! said...

Good to hear, it doesn't always work that way.

Locally we had a student go over the edge and suicide. The darker side
happens too.


Epsilon Given said...

It's not an issue with the "religious right". I was bullied in elementary school and junior high, for no clearly discernible reason. I just learned to ignore it.

Since then, I've read essays by Paul Graham (a Lisp fanatic, if he's a fanatic of anything), and I've been reading "the Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto, and I've become convinced of this: bullying is the result of schooling. If we want to eliminate bullying, we need to educate--not school--our children at home.

Eck! said...


Novel concept, parents should educate their children. Forgive my sarcasm..

They used to and some still do. I've met a few and the results are good. The rest of the parents need to take a lesson there.


Eck! said...

Another dies from the results of bullies.

I've been there. I've heard their parents tell the vice principle "not my boy" after the rare case where the bully was caught in the act. He didn't believe them, that kids rep was well known. He died a year later down town at 2AM under criminal circumstances, the kid he attacked survived. What was a 15year old "not my boy" doing at 2AM 5 miles from his bed?