Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TSA Gate, slopes slippery

We start on a fall day, September 11th, 2001 with terrorists hijacking four planes for the purpose of crashing them as flying bombs.

On that day you went to the airport and got screened for guns, swords and bombs and other unsafe things and boarded a plane.

On that day the cockpit door didn't lock and if it did it was pretty flimsy.

On that day a hijack usually meant a survivable outcome as the passengers and plane were bargaining tool for some criminals to be freed or an escape to another nation.

Since then we have locked secure doors to the cockpit.

Since then we strip search the passengers and crew.

Since then many of those that service the plane on a daily basis are not closely checked.

Since then every threat that made it on a plane originated in another country.

Since then we have a massive security force called TSA.

Since then we have spent billions on magical appliances that do not find bad things but do bad things.

Since then we get property stolen from baggage we cannot lock anymore.

In 9 years of security kabuki we see more of our personal space infringed and outright stolen but no real security as every bit of it was after some event HAPPENED {note past tense}. We had our rights to being unmolested eroded severely.

So lets look at what works..

We lock the doors of the cockpit limiting access for bad guys to the critical controls.

We fight like hell with possible terrorists to prevent success, be they flight 93, shoe bomber or underwear bomber.

We disarm passengers, seems that the bad guys are still holding the cards there. Seems
disarming passengers might just be the wrong way.

We still let too many unchecked people clean and potentially put bad things in planes.

We still have criminals in and around the luggage bays, we know that as material possessions are being stolen from baggage. If criminals are handling or near baggage then the plane is still at risk. Since then with enhanced security we expect our bags to arrive and be untouched. Too often things are stolen out of them.

In the end all that TSA stuff is useless, as in pointlessly useless. Also seems that people in the plane are the biggest weapon against terrorists and are totally unarmed. But locking the cockpit door does work, shame the pilots aren't armed.. SHAME ON YOU TSA for doing nothing provably useful. But they claim that flying is not a right, and they also want to be in bus stations and at train stations, I guess that will no longer be a right to unfettered travel.

Sirs and madams please present your travel papers.



SPN Headlines said...

The TSA launched their new Program to Examine Random Voyagers (PERV) today, and many travelers are pissed off. SHOCKING details at:


Peace! :-)

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Comrade Misfit said...

UPS and FedEx are making good money from transporting baggage that the airlines once carried.

Because for both of them, you can still lock up your luggage and no TSA thief will rummage through it.