Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running with scissors!

This is not about evolution. it is about devolution.

When I was a kid I was told to not run with scissors or knives because if I fell
I could get hurt. It extends to other things like watch where your going!

News noise this am..

The locals of the NYC area (and even Arkansas) want to ban walking and texting and also idiots and their Ipods listening with earbuds. Why? They are oblivious to the surrounding and have fallen into fountains, open manholes, and in front of buses! Seems to me if these people are so disconnected and unaware then Darwin should win as in they are unfit to survive and pass those so stupid it hurts genes to their kin.

I call nanny state. Oh, and bullshit. If you are that stupid to be code white and walking around then being robbed, run over, falling into a fountain, or falling in a hole is deserved for that level of being so stupid it hurts. I don't advocate violence to them. I do advice protect your self as they are dangerous to others in that their actions may trigger others. For example if a dumbshit is walking on the tracks with a loud Ipod and the train hits the emergency brakes all those unknowing in the back now have sprains, breaks and cracked skulls for proving inertia is real. Its all the worse likely the train couldn't stop anyway for the Darwin candidate.
I'd bet for the bus riders the same result if that bus had to stop hard.

When law makers pass this level of protective nanny there is only one solution for the aware, flee the area as it is a high danger area. After all the most dangerous place on earth has the following signs;

No Cell phones, No Texting, No cameras, No guns, No knives,

as likely there are No Police Either!

Or for that fact way to call them, photograph the perp, photograph the carnage, or defend yourself or others.

Run [Where permitted] do not walk to sanity and safety.



Pistol Pack'n Mama said...

Yep, and Next they will want to take the radios away from the pilots!

Eck! said...

I don't see that's a problem. The pane flies without a working radio. I am a pilot and the best flying is when the radio is optional.


Stewart Dean said...

Have friend in state college town. There are many, many Iphondy zombies. Yes, if they got mowed down it would be Darwinian, alas, it's hell on the people driving in the town.
The zombies present the same challenge that watching infants does: because both populations are oblivious they will do things that imperil themselves without warning or sense.