Sunday, April 8, 2018

Homework for the kids. Stupid parents should read along.

All you students...  Your assignment:

What is the constitutional amendment process?
What are the requirements for such a change?
Cite some prior amendments both successful and unsuccessful?
With that work write a simple but critical review of why some some amendments succeeded and some failed.

In the mean time get rid of your stupid signs.  its not happening.

To the rest regarding stupid gun laws.  No!  Just no. you are confusing fantasy and wishing with reality.  The reality is if you try to infringe on people rights they will become upset and do something. Maybe vote your favorite congress critter or senator out.  Create laws to control you, I'm sure you have done something we can translate into a criminal charge for you.

Your imagining a world without guns, well forget that.   Its only that way when you have removed them all in your tiny mind.   In this case missing a few is not all or even close as you will have to search every criminal and likely their yard and the woods as well.   If the magnitude of that task doesn't bother you then you are an idiot or demented.

One last thing.  If you really want a conversation don't ever shut the other side up or threaten them. You have lost if you do that and proven your ill intent. The gun owners will not be vilified and if you resort to shouting them down they will use the same tools on you to get heard.  Go ahead play the bully, see if it works well for the long term.

Oh, one last thing.  For the love of Pete, stop the lies.


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