Thursday, April 12, 2018

I want my cake, all of it....

The title is inspired from Lawdogs Cake Analogy and the so called reasonable ranting of the gun grabbers then and still.  Go there to see where the cake analogy comes from.  Well worth the read.

Back in 2010 as a both agreement with Lawdog's writings and a response I issued this comment.

When negotiations in bad faith erode a right to the point that supreme judicial rulings start to say too, far too much.   We understand now that the crumbs we were to be satisfied with were an indicator that they went over the proverbial line.

They are still trying to cross that line!

To the kiddies and the misguided parents.  Be reasonable, admit you are without knowledge
and therefore cannot speak about guns or gun laws.  Then I'll stop calling you idiots.  Education for the most part is free and widely available.  Try education, it is a useful application of your time.


Update add the link back to a great piece of writing

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