Friday, December 28, 2012

Irrational national 2

Last post it was a bit on how some just done think.

A bit more and specific.  The jackhole in upstate NY that shot and killed firefighters got the guns from a neighbor woman that bought them for him.

A very good story about what will happen to her:

Yes there is a law that says if its not for you and you lie its 10 years in the FEDERAL pokey and the state of NY has their special gift for that too.  So Yes, there is a Straw purchaser law.

The problem here is a excon that did 17 years asked someone to buy guns for him and they did it.  Now the real question was is it ignorance or outright stupidity to provide a person that did time for murder a gun?

I suspect the answer is part social engineering on his part and maybe she didn't know or even know to ask why he could  buy a gun.  Heck, the regular Jane or joe doesn't need to know this.  NOT.

Even if you do not own or want a gun, ignorance of the laws is not an accepted excuse. That is a universal aspect of the law.  So when I see a quick article saying its easy to buy a gun its at best a half truth as every gun purchased from any firearms dealer will have a valid  federal 4473 form.  Even some states require a transfer of firearms record (MA, form 10).  You lie on the form it might just get you some trouble.

We had a newspaper try and vilify gun gun owners by printing their names and addresses. Yes we do not even make the slightest effort to acknowledge that they have to know those laws and more as ignorance is not a defense.

So we have those that went right out can called the NRA dirty names or worse that likely will not acknowledge that EVEN THE NRA would agree what was done is illegal and should be.

I'm not a member of the NRA.   I just don't play the blame someone else game.

Don't let the bastards lie without calling them on it.  They will lie to you and smile.


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