Friday, December 21, 2012

Newspeak and oldspeak and Big Lie.

My favorite things is when people use language to obscure things or flat out lie.  I have a name for
that and it's propaganda.

The most common tool in propaganda is the big lie.

Usage:  Assault weapons need to be banned.

Lets analyse that.  What they are... really.

Assault rifle; select fire or full automatic, magazine fed, intermediate caliber rifles are the single most common military rifle in the world.  For the USA that's the M16 or the M4 in the past it would be the
M14, and the Thompson machine gun may even qualify.   Hard to buy or own legally since 1994 mostly due to scarcity and cost.  But if you can find an eligible one and navigate the paper work and pay the $200 tax it's legal and its expensive to purchase and shoot.  In the end we call it a machine
gun in plainer language.

Assault weapon; the made up name for the  semi-automatic, magazine fed, intermediate caliber rifles are the single most popular type of gun in America.   With one addition...  they may look like an assaul rifle.

What makes assault weapon different from the common auto-loading hunting rifle?  Often only looks.
But the big lie calls it an  "assault weapon" which is a made up pejorative name for it.

But.. they have assault in the name and one is a machine gun  and the other is supposed to
be confused with it.  This is their way of making that evil and then they assign "bullet hose"
as a way to make it visualize as even more so.   See how the big lie works.  Two things
somewhat similar but different masked behind obfuscated language and terms.

In some states [I really mean the volksrepublic of MA] that means a auto-loader with a wood stock
is less regulated than the similar or same rifle with a plastic skeleton stock and a metal barrel shroud.
If you add any other feature to that rifle to make it look like a assault rifle its a felony[in MA].  Why?

Fear.   Just like taking a 30-06 hunting rifle and adding a telescopic sight and painting the wood
in camouflage colors makes it a sniper rifle to those that fear.  It of course will magically
kill at a distance on its own, not.  The difference here is often the rifleman's training and
less the tool.  That however makes use of the big lie again as sniper rifle is more menacing
sounding than a high caliber sport hunting rifle.   Well the real big lie is that the sniper rifle and
the assault weapon are more dangerous and need to be regulated [more than already are] to
excess or out right banned.

I will not go into the redundant language and error filled line "high capacity stripper clip bullet magazines" save for the description appends two different things into one even more incorrect one.  Stripper clips are the fast load tool for old rifles like the 1903 Springfield.  Magazines are those boxes that hold cartridges that attach or may be permanently attached to a firearm [or the ammunition storage
area on a warship].  Also bullets are part of a cartridge and not the complete ammunition ..   The
big lie requires the use of ambiguous language or made up words to sway those without the
knowledge to know or recognize its a sham.  It has to sound right and have a good flow even
if untrue or worse meaningless.

Enough for now as the telescreen gives more Newspeak from Minitrue.

Keep your powder dry and ears open,


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