Sunday, December 30, 2012

Talk without spitting on me..

My words for the antigun taking heads are..

If you gungrabbers want raving talking heads as representation all the better.   Its clearly significant of their mindset.  That and someone I'd not waste my time talking to because, they already talking at.

If they want a dialog, they can find me.  If they want to talk at me then talk to my back as I have no use for yammering fools.

I hunted down many a gungrabber site the things I find missing are use of facts or truth, an absolute lack of critical thinking beyond the immediate, such sensibilities over harsh language to require only the anointed ones can speak while they apply the same language on others. They love ad hominem and reductio ad absurdum as argument tools. The use of anecdotes are still not make them fact. They love the 1st when they can talk, not so much when they have to listen. For them to have a debate listening will be a acquired skill.

We should observe and use it against them.  For the loudest vessel is often the empty one.

They I'd say on that basis they approach a  vacuum.


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