Saturday, December 22, 2012

What drill..

The name of the blog is Mozambique Drill.

The gunny version is to stop your attacker, two in the chest or heart, one to the head.  It's a defense drill.

The human version is, most things cause two hits to the emotional heart and one hit to the to the rational thinking part...  and rational thought rarely survives.

We had a situation that occurred that was a huge blow to the heart, children, people died.  The follow up was to take a hit to the head in the form of total wipe out of reason and logic.

The assault to the head was WE, yes the formal everyone else not me, should do something to prevent this.  With the rapid follow up of WE have to ban things.

Here is the problem and why my head hurts now.  Seems the whole thing was banned or illegal acts that only a criminal would do.  They were already banned.  Yet we have the steadfast that truly believe that just one more law will fix that.  Save for the one further thing, the criminal in this case was bent on destruction of anyone and themselves.  We have laws about suicide as well, they are ironic.

So now that collective WE wants to punish the innocent as well. After all somebody has to pay for this why not those that didn't have anything to do with it and would never.

Yes, it's the age of not me and your or some inanimate thing is the cause.

There is a rising feeling of alarm over what may be the next wave of riots that no one wants.  Who will be the ones hearing from the have-nots that were denied was they had or what they worked for.  It may be money, property, or the civil liberties that are being eroded daily by those that either want it for themselves or are elitist enough to believe no one should have it.  In the end there will be pain and suffering.

Reminder, in the spring 1775 there were troops of the British army under the rule of the Crown commanded to go and take the arms and powder of the colonials and any that should resist.  The rest we know as history.  What was never clear to some who were obviously sleeping is was the unjust taking of property that added the extra straw that broke the colonials back.  It was one too many of the intolerable acts that preceded it.  This was the beginning entry into six years of war.

I finish on this. Only a portion of the colonials were active in the revolution, more than a third were and preferred to be un-involved and maybe as many were on the British side.  It was long and bloody and not the last war we as a nation would fight against a foreign power on our land.

Consider our history and why our most basic laws are what they are.


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